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Europe Standard 1*2m Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Brand Name: Anping Chengxin Supply
Elivery Time: 15days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T or LC

This panel is used in Thermosetting polystyrene board,and Thermosetting polystyrene board is a new type of wall material for building. It can replace brick wall for all kinds of bearing wall, non bearing wall, floor and balcony. It is made of low carbon steel wire,electro galvanized before welded. It has the characteristics of firm solder joint, reasonable structure and even mesh. It is a special mesh used for floor heating in the construction industry

Surface treatment:

Electro galvanized before welded 

Welded Wire Mesh Panel
Specification Spmesh Wire Dia(MM) Aperture(CM) Net WT(KG)
1M x 2M 1.80 50x50 1.7
1M x 2M 1.90 50x50 1.9
1M x 2M 2.00 50x50 2.1
1.2M x 2.4M 1.80 50x50 2.45
1.2M x 2.4M 1.90 50x50 2.73
1.2M x 2.4M 2.00 50x50 3.02
1.2M x 3M 1.80 50x50 3.02
1.2M x 3M 1.90 50x50 3.37
1.2M x 3M 2.00 50x50 3.73
1.25M x 6M 1.80 50x50 6.38
1.25M x 6M 1.90 50x50 7.13
1.25M x 6M 2.00 50x50 7.87
1.5M x 6M 1.80 50x50 7.65
1.5M x 6M 1.90 50x50 8.55
1.5M x 6M 2.00 50x50 9.45
Note: Special specifications can be customized.